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P.zza Navona, 75/75A - Roma

Benincampi Brothers


The Benincampi familly has been present in Piazza Navona from the first half of the fifties with a shop (then tobacconist) situated below the apartment first with brothers Vittorio e Antonio Benicampi and later their children and nephews Fabio, Laura and Daniela. Our shop belongs to to the Historical shops of Rome and specializes in leather bags, jackets and various accessories handmade exclusively in Italy. With the same passion and dedication with which we have always managed our shop we decided to transform the apartment above it, in order to give a possibility to those who would like to stay, even just for one night, to live an experience to remember. The apartment was refurbished in 2014 with the special attention to preserving the original structure. While the antique coffered wood ceilings were restored uncovering the epistyles both in travertine and brick it is equipped with the modern comforts such as air conditioning and anti-noise windows searching for the equilibrium between old and new. Trying to remain true to the features of the old building we have been dedicated to the maintenance of the balcony which with its colors and perfume of the flowers gives a perfect frame to a unique view.

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